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What can I expect from SHR?

SHR is a revolutionary new method of hair removal that gives you permanent hair reduction that is pain free. This is different to the more outdated IPL technology, SHR the latest technology provides a safe and quick hair reduction treatment.

Most clients receive 6-10 treatments performed 4 weeks apart extending to 6 weeks till completion. The duration of each individual IPL treatment will depend on the area being treated.

There is no recovery time necessary after treatment, and Ms Boudoir offers 30 minute consultations to those who want to know if they are suitable and have any questions they wish to ask

SHR uses a broad band light wave that gradually heats and transports energy through the skin to the very end of hair follicles. These hair follicles absorb this heat, stopping cell regrowth without harming the surrounding tissue. During this heating process, the hand piece cools the skin’s surface to keep the clients comfortable throughout the procedure. Our trained therapist will use this innovative technology to then give you those exceptional, permanent hair removal results, suitable for many hair and skin types.

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Ms Boudoir is a modern beauty salon with a classic French feel that believes in giving all our clients luxury treatment by staying up with the latest trends while providing an old style glamour to all our services. With a salon in busy St Kilda, we have helped women and men from Elwood, Middle Park and other surrounding suburbs feel glamorous, beautiful and flawless at every stage. Step through Ms Boudoir’s doors and be invited into a feeling of old world glamour with the latest modern treatment experience. Sit with our professional therapist and let her combine premium treatment with a therapeutic, relaxing space that has a personal touch. Once your session is over, step outside and embrace the feeling of the goddess in you.

For premium hair removal treatments, beauty, spray tanning, waxing and healing therapies are all client centred, our authentic approach means you personally experience a salon experience tailored exactly to meet your needs each and every time, we live by our reputation at Ms Boudoir.

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