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IPL Laser Hair Removal

Introducing the latest in laser hair removal treatment at Ms Boudoir we are proud to offer the state of the art IPL technology (intense pulsed light) SHR a fast and gentle treatment that targets all hairs follicles. Enjoy immediate results from the trained team at Ms Boudoir, and begin to feel the benefits of hair free, smooth skin.

What can I expect from IPL?

IPL, or Intense Pulse Light, is a technology used to deliver remarkable results to exceptional clients. IPL hair removal technology offers a gentle, non-invasive treatment that provides long lasting results across the full range of unwanted hair problems.

This treatment works by emitting a broad spectrum light through the skin which targets hair follicles, reducing its chance of growing back. That forever smooth touch is within your reach when you book with Ms Boudoir.

All IPL treatments are FDA and TGA approved, giving Ms Boudoir the professional touch when it comes to hair removal services. This innovative treatment gives long-lasting hair reduction for clients looking for silky, smooth skin. Ms Boudoir will ensure your session is relaxing and calming, keeping your surface skin cool and painfree during the treatment, using incorporated methods to heal and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

Unwind with Ms Boudoir

Ms Boudoir’s IPL treatments will give you lasting, smooth skin in any area you want targeted. Our trained therapists are using the most advanced technology on the market providing exceptional SHR treatments

Hair removal treatments have come a long way of the years, and now, we can offer SHR treatment which can give you permanent hair reduction quickly and safely.

Ms Boudoir we strongly believe that the best results are obtained by having an initial consultation with us. No two skin types are ever the same. If you have experienced IPL or laser hair removal before, different machines and technicians can mean varied results. We pride our salon on achieving results in the least amount of time.

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